Vote Andrew Gassmann

Councillor Ward 7 - Mississauga

My commitment - working with residents, I will:

  • Limit residential intensification to appropriate main corridor areas
  • Improve road safety 
  • Pursue better and efficient transit options to ‘move’ our residents 
  • Limit property tax increases to ensure affordability, particularly for low income seniors to allow them to age in place  
  • Advocate for the timely completion of city projects, including road and infrastructure improvements  
  • Push to ensure support of provincial and federal partners on key initiatives, like transit and hospital infrastructure
  • Encourage efforts to revisit the organization and operation of the Region of Peel to ensure the best role for Mississauga

Growth and Density


  • The province has dictated that we need to intensify residential communities.  However, we need “Smart Growth.”  We must protect our community nodes, such as Cooksville Munden Park, Gordon Woods, Huron Park, and Erindale Village.  Growth should happen along the main corridors where higher order transit will be accessible.
  • As president of the Cooksville Munden Park Homeowners Organization, I fought hard to limit two large development proposals and had the proposed 30 story condos removed from the plan to only allow townhomes instead.
  • As your councillor, I will listen to your concerns.  Many communities are in the midst of challenging developments and I will work with them to ensure that all growth is smart growth.


  • The province of Ontario made a commitment to fully fund an LRT for Hurontario.
  • I sit on the LRT corridor committee for Cooksville and I believe we need higher order transit that is affordable and moves us around our city safely and efficiently.
  • Bus Rapid Transit on main corridors will also move us faster east-west and will connect us to the HuLRT and Cooksville GO train station, currently undergoing a $140 Million reconstruction. 
  • As your councillor, I will continue to explore better ways to ‘move’ our residents and work with our provincial partners to ensure we get our fair share of adequate funding going forward.

Revival of Cooksville

New Trillium Hospital

  • Last winter, Trillium was overcapacity for months, with reports of patients in beds in hallways and meeting rooms.  The province of Ontario has announced funding for an expansion of over 500 beds for Trillium.  However, by the time these renovations are completed (or perhaps before they begin), we will be short beds again.
  • As your councillor, I will work with our provincial partners to push for additional funding for beds in the future, in a timely manner, to keep up with our growth rates.

T.L. Kennedy Secondary School and Cooksville Community Centre

  • An agreement has been reached to redevelop the T.L. Kennedy Secondary School site to include a brand new secondary school, community centre, library and a residential development adjacent to the new Cooksville GO train station and HuLRT.
  • Having worked closely with both our public and separate school trustees for years, as councillor, I will continue to work with the Peel District School Board to see this vision through.

Vision Cooksville and Dundas Connects

  • Steps are being taken to revitalize the “Four Corners” of Cooksville (Dundas and Hurontario).
  • I attended many focus groups hosted by the City over the last few years and had input into the Cooksville Area Specific Reviews, which then formed the Cooksville secondary plan.
  • As your councillor, I will ensure that this secondary plan for Cooksville is followed.

Liveable Complete City


  • I am especially proud of the official opening of Hancock Woodland Park in the heart of Cooksville, having fought long and hard to have this open after nearly ten years of City occupancy.
  • Just as the province is dictating we must grow, Ward 7 is owed 120 acres of parkland under the City’s official plan.  Any future development must incorporate “places to play,” as also mandated by the province.
  • As your councillor, I will ensure that residents of new developments have access to meaningful green space.

Vision Zero

  • The Region of Peel has adopted a Road Safety Strategic Plan and the key message is that no loss of life is acceptable.  Creating safer roads, by reducing or eliminating motor vehicle collisions is crucial going forward.
  • As your councillor, I will be a champion of this plan and embrace any possible countermeasures that could alleviate this risk.


  • Property taxes are becoming unaffordable for many families. 
  • $0.45 of every $1 of your taxes goes to the Region of Peel, thus often subsidizing services provided to Brampton and Caledon.
  • Mississauga should take steps to revisit the organization and operation of the Region of Peel to ensure the most appropriate role for Mississauga.  
  • As your councillor, I will also champion limits on property tax increases to ensure affordability, particularly for low income seniors to allow them to age in place.